Soda Machine/Cooler Restorations

Soda Machine/Cooler Restorations

The Soda Jerk Works no longer accepts machines for restoration.  We feel it is not ethical to compete with the restorers that we provide parts for.  We do however expect the professionals to do the most accurate soda machine restoration possible and NOT do a paint job and apply fancy decals. To do a paint job and not take care of underlying problems does a disservice to you and to the machine.   For more information keep reading.

  Due to the insulation used in the antique and classic soda machines there will almost always be rust inside the insulation area. If the machine is not totally dismantled the person or shop doing the restoration cannot take care of this problem; rust is caused by condensation built up in the insulation area. We at the Soda Jerk Works have seen too many so called restored soda machines that the owner calls us out because of blistering paint. Sometimes as little as 5 years after the so called restoration was completed. Generally the price paid is about half of what a real restoration would be. By the time we repair it the owner will have paid twice of a job that should have been done right the first time. The pictures shown represent a few of the vintage soda machines we have restored and are provided as a guide. These machines are owned by private individuals and are not for sale.

phoca thumb m icy o

The Icy-O Cooler is very rare and high sought after by collectors.

Heintz Gullwing

The Heintz Gullwing is fairly rare and often sought after by collectors especially when it has the coin mechanism and bottle rack.

phoca thumb m ideal300 pepsi restored

Ideal 300 was produced during the late 1940's into the late 1950's and this example displays the "Double Dot" Pepsi Logo reminiscent of the late 1940's.

phoca thumb m liquid fountain restored

This 1947 Liquid Carbonic Fountain was an unusually small fountain project.

phoca thumb m selectivend dp s48

The Selectivend S-48 required attention to details to bring it back to life.

phoca thumb m v18 1

Victor C-18 was produced from the early to mid 1950's.

Vendo V-39

Vendo V-39's basically came in three versions with this early model displaying all the right features of the late 1940's and early 1950's.

phoca thumb m v81 front restored

The most popular machine ever from the 50's.  Just so iconic!

v83 front restored
Vendo 83  Produced from 1946 to 1955 in two versions.  This model with the cast doors is not seen as often as the one that has two stainless trim pieces across the front door.

phoca thumb l 6case exterior
Vendo 6-Case Vertical was produced from 1948 - 1956  This model and the Vendo V - 110 are use many of the same parts.  This one is just open the door and pull your choice - no coin mechanism needed.  Often referred to as "self serve" machines.

phoca thumb m v110 front restored

The Vendo "Large Door" V-110 is the big brother to the Vendo V-81.

phoca thumb l vmc dual27 front restoredVMC - 27/VMC DUAL 27  Produced in the early 50's was the successor to the Table Top 27.  Called a Dual 27 as it vended 27 bottles & pre-cooled another 27 bottles.

phoca thumb m wh wd10 front restored

The Westinghouse WD-10 is a mid to large dry cooler manufactured throughout the 1950's and into the early 1960's.

phoca thumb m wh wd22 front restored

The Westinghouse WD-22 is a large dry cooler capable of cooling large quantities of product.