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The Soda Jerk Works provides outstanding craftsmanship and quality restorations for a variety of components for Collectible Soda Machines.  We expect any restoration professional to do what should be done to  insure a long lasting restoration with minimal maintenance.

Any completely restored machine should have had the following:

    • Complete Disassembly
    • Sandblasting
    • Body Work with very minimal filler

Paint and Hand Lettering of any embossing.  (Inside of cabinet should also have a sealant put on to stop future rust.)

  • New insulation. The better insulated it is the more efficient your original cooling system will be.
  • Chrome
  • Bottle or can stack and shelves zinc plated or powder coated as long as it is done correctly.  If applied incorrectly it can interfere with tolerance and function.
  • Coin mechanism restored and functioning properly.
  • Rewiring with soldered connections (not wire nuts and electrical tape).
  • Compressor work - fan motors and thermostat should be changed.  We advise keeping as much of your system as original as possible.
  • Every detail should be addressed including the hardware!

When looking for a restoration professional be sure to check out the quality of their work and get referrals.