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RP1 Main Door Gasket

For most Vendo & Vendolator (VMC) ROUND TOP machines. Some Westinghouse machines used this same gasket on their lids. This item is sold by the foot.
RP1  Main Door Gasket
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Such as V-39 V-56 V-77 V-80 V-81 V-83 V-88 Late V-110 Vendo 6-Case Vertical V-144 VMC-81 VMC-88 VMC-110 VMC 6-Case Vertical VMC-144 VMC-139. DU-144, most Sure-Vends S-48 & S-96 Selectivends, WC-44SK, WC-96SK and many more.  Westinghouse chests include WH-12, WH-22 and WD-12 lids will use this gasket.

This gasket is an alternative for the Cavalier CS-72B and CS-96B machines that have an embossment of 12".  CS-72A and CS-72A with the 8" embossment should use RP3.

Black as original. Sold per foot.