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HP24A Bottle Opener Bracket

For Westinghouse Post-war chests.
HP24A Bottle Opener Bracket
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HP24A Bottle Opener Bracket

Goes on the front of Westinghouse WD-10 chests.  Attaches to the machine to hold the bottle opener in the correct position for the cap catcher.

It can also be used on the back side of WD-10, WD-12, WD-20, WD-22, WE-6 and WE-10 to support more bottle openers if needed.  If you have your machine where your friends can get a soda from either side extra bottle openers can be helpful. 

A distinguishing factor would be if there are 4 screw on the back side of your machine with 4 lugs underneath to hold the cap catcher on.

Made of steel as they should be painted the same red as your machine.