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PP32A Bow-Out Lid Handle

For Westinghouse WD-5, WD-10, WD-12, WD-20, WD-22, DU-144. May be seen on WE-3, WE-6, standard WE-10 standard. Cavalier CD-12, CD-18, CD-20, CD-22, 2-Case Office Cooler CS-72, CS-96.
PP32A  Bow-Out Lid Handle
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Also found on WH-12T, WH-5T and WH-22T.  Black molded plastic just like the originals. No longer do you have to settle for handles that have been machined out of plastic. Machining tends to leave marks and ridges. These are high gloss black and smooth! We have had these manufactured with brass inserts so you no longer have to worry about your sheet metal screws stripping out. Measures just over 5in long.