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HP12CA Bow-Out Hinge

Hinge for Westinghouse & some Cavalier Bow-out chest coolers - Post - War chests.
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For Post-War bow-out chests like WE-6, WE-10, WD-12, WD-20, WD-22 as well as Cavalier CD-12, 6-Case, CD-10, CD-18, CD-20 and one or two others.  Polished Stainless steel, they will need a little more burring if you like the chrome look. Measures 6-3/8in long.  This hinge is for machines that have off set holes, meaning two holes are closer to one side of the hinge than the opposite side.  If yours are shorter (6-3/8") and have offset holes this hinge is it. Sold individually - you may need more than 1.  This hinge does not have the pins that drop down into the body.  Most Cavaliers need 3 hinges.