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EP1 Condenser Fan Motor

Condenser fan motor. 3 hole 4 watt Fits most compressors. For Westinghouse - Junior Standard Master 3-Case Junior WD-5 WE-6 6-Case master 10 Case Giant WE-10 10 Case master WD-12 WD-20 WD-22 WC-42 WC-44 WC-96 DU-144 WC-160T BV-56, BV-240, S-48 & S-96.
EP1  Condenser Fan Motor
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Also for Victor C-14, C-18, C-31 and C-45 machines.

If you have an original Westinghouse fan motor (mounts around the middle and is 2 phase) this motor will work.  However due to the fact that Westinghouse no longer makes motors you will need to add a new bracket and fan blade.