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Westinghouse WC-42T
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DP100K WC-42T

Price foil-cal for Westinghouse WC-42.
Comes with ...

Sales price: $6.50

DP58 Nickles Only


Sales price: $3.25

DP59 Empty

EMPTY for Westinghouse WC-42T and WC-96T.

Sales price: $2.25

DP64 Globe Logo

National Rejector Globe Logo decal that goes on the face of ...

Sales price: $4.75

DP65 Patent Decal

National Rejector Patent decal that goes on the face of all ...

Sales price: $2.75

DP65A NRI Patent Decal

NRI Decal for coin mechanisms.

Sales price: $5.75

DP96 Bottle Loading

Instruction decal for bottle loading of Westinghouse WC-44.

Sales price: $5.50

DPA Decal Applicator

For applying vinyl decals.

Sales price: $4.25

EP1 Condenser Fan Motor

Condenser fan motor. 3 hole 4 watt Fits most compressors. ...

Sales price: $44.00

EP10 Mounting Bracket

Condenser fan motor mounting bracket. Puts motor shaft at ...

Sales price: $6.75

EP24 Start Capacitor

Start capacitor. This is a universal replacement for the ...

Sales price: $34.25


Prevents chaffing & pulling of wires. The picture shows ...

Sales price: $1.95


DUCT SEALANT. This seals the air gap where the service ...

Sales price: $0.75

EP8F 10in Fan Blade

10in Fan blade for Westinghouse WD-12 WD-20 WD-22 and ...

Sales price: $15.00

EP9 Condenser Fan Bracket

Condenser fan motor bracket for most models mounts onto ...

Sales price: $20.00

HP20A Lock & Keys

Lock and keys for coin door of many machines. Has round cam.

Sales price: $15.00

HP25C Vendo Bottle Opener

Bottle opener three hole for Vendo and some Vendorlator ...

Sales price: $7.75

HP28K Coin Box WC-42T and WC-96T

Coin Box for Westinghouse WC-42 and WC-96.

Sales price: $31.00

HP30M Cap Catcher WC-42T and WC-96T

For Westinghouse WC-42 and WC-96.

Sales price: $38.50

HP36H Locking Bar

For Westinghouse WC-42T and WC-96T.

Sales price: $33.00

HP62F ID Tag - Westinghouse

For Westinghouse units. Model and serial number are blank ...

Sales price: $10.00

PP23 Empty Lens

For Westinghouse WC-42T, WC-44 and WC-96.

Sales price: $1.25

PP38 Drip Pan - WC-42T & WC-96T

Drip pan for Westinghouse.

Sales price: $25.00

PP5 Westinghouse Door Liner

Door Liner for Westinghouse WC-42T.

Sales price: $90.00
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