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Westinghouse Junior
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DP104 Ice Cold

Vinyl decal for Cavalier bow-out wet boxes. This ICE COLD ...

Sales price: $11.00

DP108 5C decal

5C die cut vinyl decal for prewar Cavalier and Westinghouse ...

Sales price: $5.50

DP67 Trademark

TRADEMARK REG. This fits in the tail of the C in Coca-Cola ...

Sales price: $2.25

EP24 Start Capacitor

Start capacitor. This is a universal replacement for the ...

Sales price: $34.25


DUCT SEALANT. This seals the air gap where the service ...

Sales price: $0.75

EP9 Condenser Fan Bracket

Condenser fan motor bracket for most models mounts onto ...

Sales price: $20.00

HP120 Pan Brace

Pan Brace to hold up pan or liner in chests with rib. Just ...

Sales price: $22.50

HP120B Case Rail

Bottom rail for Westinghouse and Cavalier Ice Chests.

Sales price: $22.50

HP12A Hinge

Hinge for Westinghouse Junior cooler. Stainless steel.

Sales price: $16.00

HP14C Westinghouse Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Junior Standard and Master coolers. ...

Sales price: $58.00

HP2 Westinghouse Lid

Lid for Westinghouse and Cavalier Junior and Standard. Come ...

Sales price: $95.00

HP25A Coca-Cola Bottle Opener

Bottle opener two hole Coca-Cola.

Sales price: $8.25

HP30N Cap Catcher Westinghouse 2 stud

For Westinghouse Junior coolers and also early Standard ...

Sales price: $30.00

HP30O Cap Catcher Westinghouse 4 stud

For Westinghouse Closed Front Standard, Master and Giant ...

Sales price: $72.00


Drain bung for Prewar Cavalier and Westinghouse chest ...

Sales price: $40.00

HP4A Compressor Cover

Compressor grilles (covers) for Westinghouse and Cavalier ...

Sales price: $125.00

HP4B Service Line Cover

Service line cover for Westinghouse and Cavalier Juniors.

Sales price: $25.00

PP16B Sold Out Lens Vendo Top Pre-War

Clear lens for Vendo Topped Westinghouse and Cavalier ...

Sales price: $4.00

RP15A Pre-war Junior Gasket

For Pre-war Westinghouse Junior and Cavalier Junior ice ...

Sales price: $13.25

RP60A Vibration Isolator WH

Westinghouse Vibration Isolator.

Sales price: $3.30

RP60B Vibration Isolator WH

Westinghouse Vibration Isolator for all Westinghouse Units.

Sales price: $3.85

RP60C Chassis Vibration Isolation WH

Chassis Vibration Isolation Mounts for Westinghouse Units.

Sales price: $9.25

RP60D Vibration Isolator WH

Rubber Isolators for Westinghouse Units

Sales price: $7.00

RP60E Vibration Isolator 60's

Rubber Vibration Isolators.

Sales price: $19.00