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Shelves, Racks & Bottle Guides
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Shelves & Racks

HP107F Bottle Gate Rivet

Bottle and can gate rivet for all Vendo & VMC stacks.

Sales price: $0.50

HP107G Bottle Shelf Rivet

This is the rivet that holds the pulley on shelves with ...

Sales price: $0.50

HP111A VendoVMC Stack Bolt

Stack bolt for all Vendo and Vendorlator (VMC) bottle ...

Sales price: $3.15

HP111D Stack Support Pin

Vendo and VMC glass door stack rack support pin.

Sales price: $9.00

HP114 Bottle Gate Arm Clip

This clip attaches the arm to the back of the bottle stack. ...

Sales price: $0.55

HP4E Cavalier Junior Accumulator Guard

For Cavalier Juniors with a Vendo Top - this protects the ...

Sales price: $27.95

HP5 Shelf Brace

Shelf brace for Vendo and VMC machines.

Sales price: $5.95

HP5A Shelves

For Vendo V-81 and VMC 81's. We manufacture ours without ...

Sales price: $22.00

HP5B Cavalier Shelf

Cavalier CS-72 and CS-96 CS-64 and CSS-64. Look and fit ...

Sales price: $26.00

HP5C Vendo V-56 Shelf

For Vendo V-56. No center channel fit and work great. This ...

Sales price: $33.00

HP5D Vendo 110 Shelf

For Vendo V-110. No center channel fit and work great. For ...

Sales price: $40.00

HP5E Cavalier Shelf Square Top

Cavalier Square Top Shelf for CSS-64 and CSS-96 machines.

Sales price: $24.00

HP5EB Cavalier Shelf Adjustment

Cavalier Square Top shelf adjustment for CSS-64 and CSS-96 ...

Sales price: $12.00

HP5F Cavalier Shelf Square Top

Shelf for Cavalier Square Top machine. For CSS-64 and ...

Sales price: $23.00

HP5G Cavalier Can Shelf

Cavalier can shelf for units that have a knob behind the ...

Sales price: $29.50

HP5GB Cavalier Shelf Adjuster

This works with our HP5G shelf to adjust for the length of ...

Sales price: $12.00

HP5H Wire Shelves

For most Vendo and VMC 6-Case Verticals.

Sales price: $53.50


Shelf for Heintz "Gullwing".

Sales price: $52.50


Bottle shelf for Vendo/VMC 77 and 110 Sq Tops.

Sales price: $40.00

HP97 Bottle Stack Gate Lever

Fits Vendo V-56 V-63 V-81 V-110 Vendorlator VMC-56 VMC-63 ...

Sales price: $5.50

PP74 Bottle Guide Pulley

Pulley wheel located on the bottom of shelves that require ...

Sales price: $6.25

HP111B Lock Rod V/VMC Stacks

Lock Rod aka Adjuster Rod for Vendo and VMC stacks.

Sales price: $3.35

HP111C Stack Spacer Rod V/VMC

Vendo / VMC bottle stack spacer rod.

Sales price: $10.50