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Kickplates & Trim Pieces
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Kickplates & Trim

HP101A Victor Script

Victor Script for Victor counters. Chrome plated.

Sales price: $48.50

HP101B Glasco Script

Glasco script for Glasco 50 also known as GBV-50 Starlet. ...

Sales price: $63.50

HP101C Westinghouse Script

Westinghouse Script An exact replication of the badge ...

Sales price: $57.50

HP101D Westinghouse Script

Westinghouse script badge for chests and DU-144.

Sales price: $57.50

HP101E Cavalier Script

Cavalier script for many square top machines. Goes near the ...

Sales price: $30.00

HP101F LaCrosse Script

LaCrosse script. Chrome finish.

Sales price: $63.50

HP101G Victor Script w/pins

VICTOR script for Victor chests. This is the most common of ...

Sales price: $75.00

HP101H Victor Script w/o pins

VICTOR script for Victor chest units. This is the lesser ...

Sales price: $75.00

HP101I Kelvinator Script

KELVINATOR script version. Found on the 180 and the FE-51 ...

Sales price: $75.00

HP101J Kelvinator Shield

This KELVINATOR badge features the KNIGHT in the shield. ...

Sales price: $80.00

HP125 Compressor Guard Plate

Compressor guard plate for VMC-27 VMC-Dual 27 VMC-33 ...

Sales price: $23.00

HP125A Compressor Cover

Vendo V-39 compressor cover.

Sales price: $55.00

HP125B Cavalier Bottle Stack Cover

This covers the electrical on the bottom of the stack on ...

Sales price: $16.00

HP34A Kickplate

Bottom kickpanel for Vendo V-39.

Sales price: $53.50

HP34B Kickplate - V-56

Vendo V-56 Kickpanel.

Sales price: $35.00

HP34C Kickplate - Cavalier

Cavalier CS-72 or CS-96 kickpanel.

Sales price: $32.50

HP34CS Kickplate - Cavalier

Cavalier CS-72 and CS-96 Kickpanel - Stainless steel.

Sales price: $38.50

HP34E Kickplate

Kickpanel for V-80 V-81 and VMC-81.

Sales price: $37.00

HP34H Kickplate

Kickpanel for Vendo V-83, V-110, 6-Case Vertical, V-144, ...

Sales price: $58.50

HP4 Victor Grilles

Compressor grilles for Victor C-18, C-31 and C-45.

Sales price: $40.00

HP4A Compressor Cover

Compressor grilles (covers) for Westinghouse and Cavalier ...

Sales price: $125.00

HP4B Service Line Cover

Service line cover for Westinghouse and Cavalier Juniors.

Sales price: $25.00

HP57A Door Liner Plug

For V-81, VMC-81 and V-110. This is an obsolete part. If ...

Sales price: $9.00

HP57B Actuator Cover Plate

For all Vendo V-81, and V-110, Vendorlator VMC-81 and ...

Sales price: $9.00
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