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Handles & Latches
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Handles & Latches

HP14A Early Electric Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Early Electric machines. Very ...

Sales price: $68.50

HP14B Closed Front Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Closed Front machines. An exact ...

Sales price: $82.50

HP14C Westinghouse Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Junior Standard and Master coolers. ...

Sales price: $58.00

HP14D Westinghouse Handle

This Westinghouse handle is not seen as often as the others.

Sales price: $82.50


For Post-war Westinghouse and Cavalier chest boxes and a ...

Sales price: $69.50

HP16A Crank Handle

Crank handle for machines so many machines.

Sales price: $99.00

HP16B Crank Handle Clip

Clip that attaches most Vendo and VMC crank handles to the ...

Sales price: $2.75

HP17 Bottle Door Handle

Replacement bottle door handle

Sales price: $12.00

HP18B Slider Handle

Lid handle for Ideal 55 70 and 85 sliders. Also fits V-23 ...

Sales price: $12.00

HP18C Glasco Handle

Lid handle for Glasco slider.

Sales price: $13.50

HP22 Slider Hex Crank Handle

Hex crank for opening side loading door of Ideal and Glasco ...

Sales price: $23.50

HP22A Ideal 35 Crank Handle

Crank handle for Ideal 35. No longer do you have to accept ...

Sales price: $23.50

HP38A Crank Handle Backing Plate

Works on Vendo V-44 with Canadian coin mechs.

Sales price: $15.50

HP38B Crank Handle Backing Plate

For Vendo and Vendorlator V-44, VMC-44, VMC-88 and others.

Sales price: $38.50

HP38C Crank Handle Backing Plate

For large coin door machines with Canadian style coin ...

Sales price: $18.00

HP38D Crank Handle Backing Plate

For large coin door machines such as Vendo V-56, V-110 and ...

Sales price: $40.00

HP38E Backing Plate VMC-27 & 33

For single door VMC-27 and VMC-33-3D VMC Dual 27 and VMC-72 ...

Sales price: $20.00

HP40 Main Door Latch Sleeve

For Vendo and Vendorlator such as V-39 V-56 V-81 and VMC-81 ...

Sales price: $26.50

HP55 Actuator Pin

Fits on the end of coin mechanism shaft on Vendo V-39.

Sales price: $2.25

HP66 Bent Coin Return Plate

For Ideal sliders, such as Ideal 35, 55, 70, 85, 300.

Sales price: $7.00

HP88 Coin Return Bracket

For Vendo and Vendolator large door machines like V-56, ...

Sales price: $13.50

HP96 Ratchet Gear Coupling Head

Ratchet gear coupling head. This is the piece that is ...

Sales price: $10.50