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Flags & Coin Chutes
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Flags & Coin Chutes

HP42 Change Flag

For large coin door machines such as Vendo V-56 some V-81 ...

Sales price: $33.00

HP43D Cavalier 33 Flag

Cavalier 33 sold out flag.

Sales price: $29.00

HP72A Coin Chute

For VMC-27 and VMC-33 with one piece coin door.

Sales price: $31.00

HP72B Coin Chute

For early V-39, V-81 and V-110 with stamped steel coin ...

Sales price: $22.50

HP72C Coin Chute

Coin chute duck bill for small coin door machines. V-39, ...

Sales price: $26.50

HP72D Coin Chute

For large coin door machines V-56 V-81 etc.

Sales price: $26.50

HP92 Sold Out Wire

For Vendo V-39.

Sales price: $10.50

HP93 Plunger Nut

For V-39. Threads on to part #HP92.

Sales price: $5.00
Sales price: $5.00