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HP20K Lock & Keys Jacobs

Lock and 2 keys for Jacobs 26 (and early 26's aka 160) and 35 coin door.
HP20K  Lock & Keys Jacobs
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Lock and 2 keys for Jacobs 26 and early 26's also called 160 and the Jacobs 35 coin doors.

If you need to drill out the existing lock - here's how:  start with an 1/8" drill and drill in about 1".  Go up a drill bit size and repeat.  Continue until about 5/16" and you should hear the cam fall off.  At this point be sure the crank handle is off the machine.  Put left hand on top of coin door, smack bottom of door with your right hand (opposite if you are left handed :-} ).  You need to move it up about 3/8" to unlock the interlocking fingers.