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EP19 Thermostat

Thermostat for many models that have control in bottom of unit such as very early V-39 Ideal Sliders etc.
EP19  Thermostat
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This thermostat can work in all models of machines from the early V-39 and Ideal sliders to the early square tops.  This thermostat can also be retro-fitted for Westinghouse Electric Chests such as the Junior, Standard, Master, Giant, 3-Case, WD-5, WE-6, WD-12, WE-10, WD-10, WD-20, WD-22, WH-12 etc... as well as the Cavalier chests like the CMD-D, CD-22, CGD-C and more.  Other models are V-81, VMC-81, V-56, V-110 and just too many others to list.

It has a knob for a more vintage look. Capillary tube is 84in long. If you are retro-fitting a chest please contact us for help and information on what is needed to make the change.  When the thermostat is turned off the compresser will not run however the evaporator will as it is wired directly to a power source.

This is a RANCO cold control and is as vintage as they make them today.