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EP9 Condenser Fan Bracket

Condenser fan motor bracket for most models mounts onto many of our motors. Puts motor shaft at 5-1/2in so your fan blade must not exceed 10-1/2in.
EP9  Condenser Fan Bracket
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This bracket can use 2, 3, or 4 lug mount on front or back of motor. 

Fits just about every machine so I'll list only a few: American Vendor, Cavalier FE-3, C-27, C-33, C-51, C-102, CS-72, CS-96, CS-64, CS-80, CSS-64, USS-64, CSS-96, USS-96, CS-124, CDG-C, CMD-D, Gullwing, Ideal, Glasco, Kelvinator 180, Vendo V-81, VF-81, VMC-81, V-110, VF-110, VMC-110, V-77, VF-77, V-56, VF-56, VMC-56, V-63, V-44, VMC-44, V-80, V-39, V-39, V-23, V-126, Victor units, LaCrosse 56, LaCrosse 81, Westinghouse WD-5, WD-10, WD-12, WD-20, WD-22, WB-WC-60, WB-WC-78,