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EP21 Coin Mechanism

Call to order. This is a rebuilt Coinco mechanism that will plug right into your vintage machine.
EP21  Coin Mechanism
Sales price $194.50
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For square top machines like Cavalier CS-72, CS-96, CS-124, CSS-96, CS-64, CSS-64, Vendo VF-56, VF-63, V-63, V-77, VF-77, V-90, VF-90, V-80.  As well as the Westinghouse WB-60, WC-60, WB-78, WC-78, WC-102, WB-102, WC-126, WB-126 and many, many other electric machines.

Price can be set for $.05 to $.75 and in some cases up to $1.50. It will come preset to vend at 10 Cents unless otherwise requested.  Comes with a 6 month warranty.  Works on machines that have a "Jones socket" which has 4 slots on each side and a round locating pin in the third position.


With the power on, remove the acceptor from the changer and place in an area free of dirt or foreign material.

It will have one switch module with four or five rocker switches located on the upper portion of the printed circuit board.  These switches correspond to prices as follows: 

                           1 = 5C    2 = 10C    3 = 20C    4 = 40C    5 = 80C

When the top of the rocker switch is pushed in, the switch in in the ON position.  Vend price is set by adding the value of all rocker switches in the ON position.  EXAMPLE:  Switches # 2 and 4 in the ON position = 50C vend price.

Depending on how long the mech has been in use you may have toggle the switch a few times to get it to function properly.

Put coin acceptor back in coin mechanism.

CAUTION:  Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent only.


IF you have one of these coin mechanisms that isn't working we may be able to repair it.  Give us a call to discuss.