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Cavalier C-27
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DP128 "UL"

Underwriters Laboratories decal. It was a big deal after ...

Sales price: $3.00

DP32R Large 10C

10c in large 50 s style type. Has cents written through ...

Sales price: $6.00

DP32W Large 10C

10c in large 50s style type. Has CENTS written through the ...

Sales price: $6.00

DP90 Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram for Cavalier C-27. Goes on inside of coin ...

Sales price: $5.50

DPA Decal Applicator

For applying vinyl decals.

Sales price: $4.25

EP14 Bulb

Bulb for sold out lens in Cavalier C-27 C-33 CS-64 CS-72 ...

Sales price: $1.75

EP15 Wiring Harness

Main wiring harness for most Vendo and Vendolator (except ...

Sales price: $62.50

EP15A Compressor Lead

Compressor lead for EP15 and EP16. This is used on all ...

Sales price: $11.50

EP17 Thermostat Bracket

Thermostat bracket fits most machines.
For use on ...

Sales price: $7.50

EP19 Thermostat

Thermostat for many models that have control in bottom of ...

Sales price: $67.50

EP24 Start Capacitor

Start capacitor. This is a universal replacement for the ...

Sales price: $34.25


DUCT SEALANT. This seals the air gap where the service ...

Sales price: $0.75

EP9 Condenser Fan Bracket

Condenser fan motor bracket for most models mounts onto ...

Sales price: $20.00

HP20S Lock & Keys - Cavalier 27

Lock and 2 Keys for Cavalier 27.

Sales price: $15.00

HP25B Cavalier Bottle Opener

Bottle opener three hole for Cavalier machines. This has a ...

Sales price: $7.75


Bottle opener - Vintage style for Cavalier and VMC machines ...

Sales price: $30.00

HP32C Drip Pan C-27

Drip pan for Cavalier C-27

Sales price: $35.50


This clip is mounted to the side of the small door coin ...

Sales price: $2.95

PP14R Red Empty Lens

For Jacobs 26 35 50 56 and Cavalier C-27.

Sales price: $35.00

PP58A Breaker Strips

Cavalier C-27

Sales price: $18.00

PP58B Lid Liner

Cavalier C-27.

Sales price: $29.00

PP58C Bottle Chute Trim

Bottle chute trim piece for Cavalier 27 (C-27) machines.

Sales price: $10.00

RP20 Cavalier Lid Gasket

Lid Gasket for Cavalier C-27 and C-33.

Sales price: $1.40

RP20A Cavalier 27 Body Gasket

Body Gasket for Cavalier 27, Cavalier 33 and Cavalier FD-2 ...

Sales price: $16.75
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