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DP99 Compressor Motor Tag

Compressor Motor Wiring tag. Just like the originals! Found on all Vendo, VMC machines. Can be used on Ideal, Glasco, Lacrosse and other.
DP99  Compressor Motor Tag
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This is a perfect fit for our EP15 Wiring Harness. Measures 3.25" W x 6.25" long with re-enforced eyelet and wire to attach to your cooling lines. So many Vendo and VMC machines from the mid 50's on up. 

I'll try to list them all here: V-110, VMC-110, VF-110, V-56, VF-56, 6-Case Vertical, V-139, V-149, V-144, V-144SA, V-39, V-44, VMC-44, V-77, VMC-77, VF-77, V-80, V-81, VMC-81, VF-81, V-83, V-88, V-90, VMC-90, VF-90, VF-126, V-63, VMC-149, VMC-139, VMC-144, Ideal 70, Ideal 85, Ideal 150, Ideal 300, Ideal 400, LaCrosse, Glasco GBV-50.  Probably lots more.