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DP99 Compressor Motor Tag

Compressor Motor Wiring tag. Just like the originals! Found on all Vendo, VMC machines. Can be used on Ideal, Glasco, Lacrosse and other.

This is a perfect fit for our EP15 Wiring Harness. Measures 3.25" W x 6.25" long with re-enforced eyelet and wire to attach to your cooling lines. So many Vendo and VMC machines from the mid 50's on up. 

I'll try to list them all here: V-110, VMC-110, VF-110, V-56, VF-56, 6-Case Vertical, V-139, V-149, V-144, V-144SA, V-39, V-44, VMC-44, V-77, VMC-77, VF-77, V-80, V-81, VMC-81, VF-81, V-83, V-88, V-90, VMC-90, VF-90, VF-126, V-63, VMC-149, VMC-139, VMC-144, Ideal 70, Ideal 85, Ideal 150, Ideal 300, Ideal 400, LaCrosse, Glasco GBV-50.  Probably lots more.