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Ideal 300 Pepsi

This machine is the largest machine Ideal made as it holds 300 bottles. Fortunately all the parts were intact. Each part was individually restored to its original condition. The body panels were straightened and given a new paint job with all the lettering done by hand. A new ID tag HP62E was installed on the back of the machine and to the front a new name tag HP63A was needed. The original lid was used as a pattern to make a new, super shiny stainless steel lid. A new handle, HP18B was installed. Ideal lids originally had pressed cardboard like insulation in them which would soak up the condensation causing them to rust. Like all of our lids we had this one made with a foam insulation making it more energy efficient and less prone to absorption of condensation. The stainless on this lid is so bright you’ll think you are looking in a mirror! Our re-assembly began with new insulation. Then the pan (inside) was re installed after being cleaned and polished. New lid to body breaker strips were made in the shop and a new body gasket, in this case our RP18E were installed at the same time. The side loading door was also given the same treatment with a new insulation and a new gasket our RP21E. The original bolt, HP110C was still in the machine however the crank handle, HP22 and our HP20H lock with 2 keys (in case one gets lost) were installed. To finish the door the loading decal, DP84 was applied. The compressor system on this Ideal differs from the Ideal 35 and Ideal 55 as it utilizes a forced air system. The compressor was thoroughly checked over, bead blasted, flushed, repainted and a new thermostat, EP19 was installed. The cooling system was able to stay a true R12. The bottle rack was zinc plated and markers are available for the soda PP47A, PP47B, PP47C, PP47D, a new rack tag HP68. The coin mechanism was also disassembled, gold chromated and put back together to factory specifications and even has the spring tension decal DP97! The cover had new placards applied HP66 and HP67A. The coin box is our HP28L. We also have the bent coin return knob HP81. The cap catcher was still on the machine which is odd, most of the time they are missing – but we have one HP30R and you may need a new bottle opener HP25D.
ideal300_pepsi ideal300_pepsi
ideal300_pepsi_back ideal300_pepsi_back
ideal300_pepsi_restored ideal300_pepsi_restored
ideal300_pepsi_side_restored ideal300_pepsi_side_restored
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