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Ideal 55 Pepsi

The Ideal 55 Pepsi Cola.  This is one of the more common embossed 55 sliders.  This name came about from the fact you need to slide your bottle out of the rack once you deposited your money.  These are convection cooled machines which make them a little harder to restore even though LOTS of parts are available for them.

These machines are so pretty when they are restored.  With the all american red, white and blue colors they are an iconic favorite.  As with any machine we have restored we ALWAYS dismantle it.  One of the common problems is the cooling and NO they do not hold water.  The cooling lines are soldered onto the tank and over the years with expansion and contraction they break away.  If this happens you are cooling the insulation and not the sodas inside.  So taking all apart gives us an opportunity to fix this.  It also gives us a chance to take the stainless piece off the front of the machine.  This is not a reproduced piece and any overlay just allows for problems.  A good chrome shop and straighten and polish this piece and it's an important piece so it is well worth the trouble to get it out and done right.  In this case the customer did not want a slider rack or coin mech, he wanted a more multi purpose use from it.  Click on the link below for a  list of the available parts.


ideal55_pepsi ideal55_pepsi
ideal55_pepsi_restored ideal55_pepsi_restored
ideal55_pepsi_side ideal55_pepsi_side
ideal55_pepsi_side_restored ideal55_pepsi_side_restored
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