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Ideal 55 Royal Crown

The Ideal 55 Royal Crown

This machine sits in my office.  I just love the bright yellow and wow the lids we make are "Awesome Shiny". 

Here is a list of parts we used: 

DP84 Bottle loading instructions decal   

DP97 Coin mech maintenance instruction decal

EP16 Wiring harness

EP19 Thermostat

EP4B Condenser fan motor

EP9 Condenser fan bracket

HP1B Lid

HP20F Lock and Keys for coin drawer

HP20H Lock and Keys for loading door

HP25D Bottle Opener

HP62E Slider Model tag

HP63A Ideal Dispenser Name tag

HP65A Compressor tag

HP66 Bent Coin tag

HP67A Coin Entry tag

HP68 Ideal Rack tag

PP60A Breaker strips for top of liner

PP60B  Breaker strips for loading door



ideal55_pepsi ideal55_pepsi
ideal55_pepsi_restored ideal55_pepsi_restored
ideal55_pepsi_side ideal55_pepsi_side
ideal55_pepsi_side_restored ideal55_pepsi_side_restored
Products for the Ideal 55: