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Liquid Fountain

This classic machine was found in very rough condition as are most machines of this age. This project is unusual both because we aren’t asked to do too many and because of it’s small size. Many of the key parts were there allowing us to do a fairly authentic restoration. We started by stripping each and every part off the machine and then stripping the paint. Then each part was individually restored to its original condition. The body panels were then straightened out and given a new paint job. Our re-assembly began with new insulation. Then the pan (inside) was reinstalled after being cleaned and polished. The fountain heads were re-chromed and all the stainless was buffed so they too looked like chrome. The “pans” that held the nuts cherries, syrup etcetera were missing and we had new ones made of stainless steel. The cooling system in this soda fountain was missing completely so we had to reverse engineer it. Soda fountains are a bit tricky in that they have to freeze one side of the box where the ice cream goes and cool the other side where the syrup goes. The compressor received a new fan motor EP2 and fan blade EP7. Then a new CO2 tank was installed and it was ready to be hooked up to be used.

The new lease of life our restoration gave to this vintage soda fountain is something the owners will be able to use and enjoy for a long time to come.  Don't limit our parts just to soda machines.  Many parts such as gaskets and electrical items are perfect for vintage trailers, refrigerators and other custom pieces.

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Products for the Liquid Carbonic Fountain: