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True Mfg. Royal Crown

This machine was different from other machines in that as we were taking it apart we noticed the panels were bolted together!

So many times over the years we wished a machine could come apart.  It would make doing the body work so much easier.  Imagine our surprise when we found this one could be take apart.  Of course this meant everything was taken out of the inside and the old insulation was thrown away. We needed to make new inner lid panels and a cap catcher.  Once the body work and paint were finished we started bolting it back together.  As we were doing the panels we realized they need an anti-chaffe material.  .  We added a red gasket RP35R used on the Vendo 110 to each side not only as the anti-chaffe but it turned out to look really good.  Next came new insulation (R13) both in the body and lids.  Yes, the same insulation used in homes and buildings.   We put on a new crown puller HP25C and new decals.  Our DP109 was made for this machine.  The lids need our HP18B handles and even though it really didn't need it we added our RP12 as a gasket on the lids.  Note time:  Not all machines should have gaskets added as it can prevent them from closing properly. 

On the compressor, which you can't see, we kept it an R12 system.  We replaced the wiring with our EP15 wiring harness and EP15A compressor lead.  We put on a new fan motor EP2 and we were able to use the original fan blade.

With our vast supply of electrical parts, rubber parts, decals, hard parts like HP62H and more this old machine will be around for a long time.

true_rc_back true_rc_back
true_rc_back_restored true_rc_back_restored
true_rc_front true_rc_front
true_rc_front_restored true_rc_front_restored
true_rc_interior_lid true_rc_interior_lid
true_rc_interior_lid_restored true_rc_interior_lid_restored
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