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Westinghouse WD-22

This classic machine was found in very rough condition as are most machines of this age. Fortunately the only missing part was the cap catcher allowing us to do an authentic restoration. We started by stripping each and every part off the machine and then stripping the paint. Then each part was individually restored to its original condition. The body panels were then straightened out and given a new paint job with all the lettering of the embossment done by hand. No decals were put on these machines originally so we didn’t put any on either. The lids on these machines are usually dented and the inside liners are broken (PP9). This machine came with the stainless steel lids – they were straightened and polished. These lids are hard to find so take care of them.  They came out so good they looked like they had been chromed. When restoring the lid our RP17 gasket is needed along with RP49 (these are the bumpers that go on either side of "HAVE A COKE"). Our re-assembly began with new insulation. Then the pan (inside) was re installed after being cleaned. It’s galvanized but usually they are in good shape and just need a really good cleaning.. The body was given a new gasket, in this case our RP16. The compressor system on this Westinghouse vending machine was still working. These are usually great units. The compressor was thoroughly checked over, bead blasted, flushed, repainted and we installed a new EP19 thermostat. The cooling system was able to stay a true R12. A new evaporator fan motor EP1A was installed. The condenser used our EP9 fan motor mounting bracket, our EP1 motor on this particular machine along with a new fan blade our EP8C. Every machine is re-wired. The main harness is our EP15. While labor is a key element in any restoration our large supply of reproduction vending machine parts such as the door gasket, decals, breaker strips, locks, compressor parts brought this vintage soda machine back to life!

wh_wd22_front wh_wd22_front
wh_wd22_front_restored wh_wd22_front_restored