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Westinghouse Master Closed Front

On this Pre-War box we started by stripping each and every part off the machine and then stripping the paint. Then each part was individually restored to its original condition. The body panels were then straightened out and given a new paint job with all the lettering of the embossment done by hand.  We would NEVER put a decal on embossed lettering.  If you are going to do a restoration then go all the way!  The only decal added to the body of this machine would be DP67 which is the trademark sign that goes on the tail of Coca-Cola on the front of the machine. However, they are quite often found with a “5C” on the front or sides of the machine. This was added after it left the factory by local distributors to help increase sales. The 5C decal is our DP108. There was not enough of the original metal left to salvage on the lids. They were replaced with our HP2A which now comes with a special type of foam for a better insulating factor because it won’t absorb condensation. They originally had a pressed cardboard like material in them which would soak up the condensation causing them to rust. Our HP12B hinges were installed after the lids were painted. The rust usually starts at the hinge and along the sides of the lids. The handles on this machine were re-chromed but they are our HP14B are the correct handles for this model. Our re-assembly began with new insulation. Then the pan (inside) was re installed after being cleaned and polished – it’s stainless steel. The body was given a new gasket, in this case our RP15C. A donor compressor system was found as the original cooling system was missing. The donor system was thoroughly checked over, bead blasted, flushed, repainted and a new thermostat, EP19 was installed. The cooling system was able to stay a true R12. As you can see it has new condenser fan motor EP1 along with an EP9 fan mounting bracket and an EP7 fan blade. The missing agitator was replaced with our EP25 that comes with a mounting bracket. Every machine is re-wired. The main harness is our EP15. While labor is a key element in any restoration our large supply of reproduction vending machine parts such as the door and lid gaskets, decals, breaker strips, locks, compressor parts brought this vintage vending machine back to life!  Be sure to check out other parts that are available for this model.
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wh_cooler_interior_restored wh_cooler_interior_restored
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