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Westinghouse Junior Cooler

The Westinghouse Junior holds only 77 bottles making it the smallest of the chest machines.  Cavalier also made the Junior and has a few minor differences.  For the most part these machines have interchangeable parts.

This particular machine was found in Hawaii in the family barn.  It was an ice box so no electrical parts are needed.  Even though it had not been used in years this vintage Coke machine had plenty of rust in the body.  So like always we took everything off and apart.  The only way to make sure you stop the rust is to treat it no matter where it is.  Once that was done along with the body work, new paint was applied.  Now what was amazing was the lid.  They ALWAYS rust away.  This one we were able to save so the "Drink Coca-Cola Ice Cold" embossing was hand lettered. 


A Partial Parts list is shown here: 

DP67 Trade-mark logo              HP120 Pan Brace

HP120B Case Rail                       HP12A Hinges

HP14C Handle                             HP2 Lid

HP25A Bottle Opener                  HP30N Cap Catcher

HP31 Pre-War Drain Bung          RP15A  Gasket


If you need help with vintage soda machine restoration parts - give us a call!  More parts for this machine are available.

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wh_jr_back_restored wh_jr_back_restored
wh_jr_inside_lid wh_jr_inside_lid
wh_jr_inside_lid_restored wh_jr_inside_lid_restored
wh_jr_top wh_jr_top
wh_jr_top_restored wh_jr_top_restored