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Cavalier CS-96

We started by stripping each and every part off the machine and then stripping the paint. The body panels were then straightened out and given a new paint job with all the lettering of the embossment done by hand. We applied decals to the coin door that were correct at the time the machine was produced: DP7W, DP3W and DP17W. A new faceplate HP70 was installed on the door along with PP24A & PP24B lens set. This requires 2 EP14 bulbs. Cavalier did use a coin door gasket RP24. Our re-assembly began with new insulation. Then the pan (inside) was re installed after being cleaned and polished. The body was given a new gasket, in this case our RP3. A bent coin release knob was needed HP79. Other parts often needed are the cap catcher HP30D, the coin box HP28F, bottle opener HP25B, the lock HP20E and the lock bar HP36F, bottle shelves HP5B. A reconditioned coin mechanism EP21 is available. Breaker strips PP57A, trim pieces between the cabinet and inside compartment were installed. After the main door was hung back on the machine DP81 the bottle loading instruction decal and DP92 wiring diagram decals were applied. The compressor system on this Cavalier vending machine was still working. These are usually great units, the compressor system was thoroughly checked over, bead blasted, flushed, repainted and a new thermostat EP19 was installed. The cooling system was able to stay a true R12. As you can see it has new condenser fan motor. The condenser used our EP3 on this particular machine along with a new fan blade our EP8C and the evaporator needed and EP4 motor with an EP8I fan blade. Every machine is re-wired. The main wiring harness is our EP15 and compressor lead EP15A along with a heat overload relay EP24 was also installed. Other items we replaced were the micro switch EP22 and the bottle release solenoid EP20 on the bottle stack. After all the hard work is done and the machine is ready to go home we replace the leg levelers HP103. The originals are usually ugly and they were used primarily on concrete so they may hurt the finish of your flooring. While labor is a key element in any restoration our large supply of reproduction vending machine parts such as the door and lid gaskets, decals, breaker strips, locks, compressor parts brought this vintage vending machine back to life!
cavalier96 cavalier96
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cavalier96_interior_restored cavalier96_interior_restored
cavalier96_restored cavalier96_restored
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cavalier96_side_restored cavalier96_side_restored
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