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Vendo V-56

The Vendo 56 was only produced for Coca-Cola.  Most machines did not have see through bottle door, they were like this one. 

Our process started by taking the coin door off and removing all the bezels.  Then we removed the bottle door and took it all apart.  Next the main door came off and all the parts came off of it.  The stainless trim is the last item to be removed when dis-assembling the door or cabinet.  Next we took out the shelves, rack and cooling system.  We do recommend building a  rack to put your compressor on so that you do not damage any of the lines or parts.  It will also make it much easier to work on it.  Then it was time to remove the breaker strips, inner liner and take off the trim and kick panel.  ALL the insulation is thrown away! 

All the bezels, stainless trim, crank handle was sent to a chrome shop for them to do thier magic.  We did the body work (no bondo here!)and paint.  Then came re-assembly.  The stainless trim was put back on the body and new insulation R13 from the hardware store was put in the cabinet.  Next the inner liner was installed along with the drain.  The bottle rack had been dis-assembled and re-assembled once each part had been restored.  We mounted it and the braces on the opposite side for the shelves.  We restored the compressor system and installed it.  Then it was time for the bottle door and main door.  We restored the coin mechanism and on it went.  Same piece at a time.  The coin door was last to get it's bezels and decals.

With the wide variety of parts and services we have available even your first machine can turn out nice.  SOME of the parts used on this machine are listed here:  Decals - DP101, DP100IDP17W, DP1W, DP42, DP77, DP88.  Electrical Parts - EP2, EP2A, EP15, EP15A,  EP50.  Hard Parts - HP16B, HP17, HP20A, HP25C, HP30A, HP34B, HP40, HP47B, HP62A, HP82.  Plastic Parts - PP2, PP50.  And Rubber Parts - RP1F56, RP26R, RP36A, RP38, RP45.  More parts are available so if you don't see what you need, let us know.

If you would like us to restore your rack or coin mechanism give us a call.

v56_coindoor_restored v56_coindoor_restored
v56_front v56_front
v56_front_restored v56_front_restored
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