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Vendo 110

This classic machine was found in the usual rough condition. The body panels were straightened out and given a new paint job with all the lettering of the embossment done by hand. Let’s start with the coin door. The coin return bezel HP73E, the bottle opener HP25C, bottle opener bezel HP75A and HP30A cap catcher and RP39 crank handle foam seal were installed. Then the chromed coin entry bezel, a new PP19C sold out lens was put on along with the 10C entry decal DP100J and Insert Coin Here decal DP101. Then a new lock HP20A and lastly we applied DP2W the coin return and bottle opener decals and DP15W Do not deposit coins if bottles are not visible decal. Then it was on to the cabinet: Our re-assembly began with new insulation. Then the pan (inside) was reinstalled after being cleaned and polished. A new body tag HP62A was stamped to match the original numbers. The body was given a new gasket, in this case our RP2. New breaker strips were then applied to finish the main cabinet. Next came the compressor. Once it was cleaned and checked we put on new condenser fan motor EP2 and fan blade EP7. The evaporator needed an EP2A motor and a new EP9 mounting bracket and fan blade EP7. Lastly it was wired with our EP15 wiring harness and a new thermostat was installed EP19. At this point the bottle stack was put back together and put back in the machine. The shelves had also been zinc plated and the missing shelves HP5D were added. The bottle door had a new handle HP17, new glass and new plexiglass and a new red gasket RP28R (also available in grey). Then it was time to put the main door back together. Much of the wood frame had to be replaced. Then new insulation was put in along with a new light switch (no obsolete), a new light bulb EP12, a new ballast EP13 and new lens cover HP99 were installed along with a bead seal gasket RP35R. A new lock HP20Q was installed, all of our locks come with 2 keys. The back piece was then put on along with a new round plug (obsolete - so save yours) and HP57B actuator cover. After the door was re-hung on the cabinet we applied DP79 bottle loading decal and DP94  a patent notice decal. Lastly the coin mechanism. This gets the same attention to detail as the rest of the machine. It is completely taken apart, gold chromated and put back together with a new spring HP90A, DP64 globe decal and DP65 patent notice decal. The coin return bracket HP88 and the sold out flag HP42 with the use correct change decal DP42 were installed. Once the coin mechanism is put back on the machine the crank handle HP16A and clip HP16B are ready to go on along with the coin box PP25.

v110_coindoor v110_coindoor
v110_coindoor_restored v110_coindoor_restored
v110_front v110_front
v110_front_restored v110_front_restored
v110_interior v110_interior
v110_interior_restored v110_interior_restored
v110_side v110_side
v110_side_restored v110_side_restored