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Icy-O Cooler

This Icy-O was acquired around 1986 from Jeff Walter, Memory Lane when he was located in Pollock Pines Ca. I was doing a lot of machines at that time and would visit Jeff on my trips from Texas to California. While taking about the “rare ones” Jeff took me back to his “junk pile” and there was the Icy-O. It was a real rust heap. I have no idea were Jeff got the machine. Still it was an Icy-O and I showed interest. Jeff, on more of a challenge than anything else told me he would give it to me if I could get it back to Texas. Next day I got hold of Oshkosh Ron. Old-timer will remember Oshkosh had a large truck and specialized in picking up and delivering gameroom equipment (soda machines, gas pumps, juke boxes etc) anywhere in the country.

Got the machine to Texas were it sat with good attentions for the next 25 years or so. In moving my warehouse a year ago I came across it again and decided I needed to either restore it or junk it.

Restoration points -

  • Entire bottom section and all legs remanufactured 
  • Complete top remanufactured with aluminum and then polished. Marine wood used for base for aluminum shell 
  • Original deteriorated cork insulation was replaced with new cork pellets. 
  • All signs custom designed and silk-screened on metal plating 
  • Brass crank and cap catcher re-poped 
  • Icy-O used “off the self kid and drawer hinges. we. The lid hinges were cabinet hinges and the spring loaded hinge for the “place empties here” drawer was a hinge off an old screen door. I purchased mine at a local old home restoration supply. 
  • Painted with PPG basecoat/clearcoat

NOTE - Lettering “Sever Yourself - Please pay cashier” and “Place Empties Here” has been added since pics.

This machine was restored by Lynn Fuller at Past Perfect Restorations in Fort Worth TX.  He can be reached at 469-222-4379 or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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