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Victor C-18

The Victor C-18 is a 2 door chest machine.

This machine came to us for restoration from Texas.  It had been cosmetically restored (paint job) years ago and the owner wanted it done correctly.  He knew from research The Soda Jerk Works would be the only one he wanted to work on it.  Once we got started, we found it not only had have the parts stripped off, it had to have the spot welds removed.  Someone in the past used a "reverse hammer" on it to pull the dents in order to do the body work to paint it.  Don't get us wrong there is a right time to use one and this isn't it.  So while we were reworking the body by hand the trim pieces were sent off for straightning and chrome.  During the restoration process we reproduced several pieces that were not previously available.  When the body work and paint were finished it was time to put it all back together.  We installed new insulation, put the powder coated tank back in and reassembled it.  The compressor was working and just needed to be cleaned, a new wiring harness was installed along with new fan motors and thermostat.  Check out the products link below for the parts available for this machine!

v18-1 v18-1
v18-2 v18-2
v18-3 v18-3
v18-4 v18-4
v18-5 v18-5
v18-6 v18-6
v18-7 v18-7

Products for the Victor C-18: