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Wet Refrigeration Systems

The Wet Refrigeration System is utilized in many early chest type coolers and use "water" for the cooling medium.

The Soda Jerk Works provides in house repairs and restoration services on Wet Refrigeration Systems. Have your old, tired refrigeration system restored and working like it did when it left the factory. We know how important it is for you to keep your machine original, our restoration uses your original evaporator, condenser deck plate and most times the condenser. We also include new fan motors and wiring harness. In cases where part or all of the system is missing we will do our best to locate the necessary parts. We offer a 2 year warranty.

This service is available for Vendo, Cavalier, Westinghouse,  and others.

We are not fans of using 134 or “Hot Shot” as replacements. While they are environmentally friendly your soda machine was not engineered to use it. To use these other coolants the service lines must be changed. We use your original evaporator and shroud because these were engineered for airflow (you don’t want your bottles at the top to be warmer than the bottles at the bottom) which is as important as cooling. By doing this we keep your machine working properly and efficiently.

Many clients are concerned with the amount of energy used. If you are currently restoring your machine we suggest you use rigid foam insulation. It can be purchased at any Home Depot, Lowe’s or any local building supply. Do not use Styrofoam.

Please Contact Us via Phone or Email us prior to removing your system. We want to ensure your unit arrives in one piece and usable as a core.

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