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Canadian Coin Mechanism Restorations

There are at least two different styles of this coin mechanism.  Commonly it is called a transitional coin mech which is incorrect.  In fact this is a Canadian coin mechanism seen on Vendo and Vendorlator large door machines including the 44's.

If you look closely you will notice that this coin mech is in fact a small door coin mech that was stuffed into a large doors body.  This isn't exactly true but works for illustration purposes.  The large door machines going to Canada had problems with the Canadian coins.  So instead of building a new coin mechanism for a limited market, National chose to do this modification.  That is how these came about.

Our Coin Mech Restorations are completely dis-assembled, re-zinc plated, checked for tolerances, re-assembled and functionality checks are then performed prior to shipping. 
Even though this unit is in a large door machine we charge our small door pricing for restoration.  Some of the parts we use are:  DP65A Patent notice decal (only found here).  Another style found on this unit is DP65.  We also used the National Globe Logo our part number DP64.  The correct backing plate for the machine is our HP38C.

 Please give us a call if you would like more information.

canadian_mech_1 canadian_mech_1
canadian_mech_2 canadian_mech_2
canadian_mech_3 canadian_mech_3
canadian_mech_4 canadian_mech_4
canadian_mech_5 canadian_mech_5
canadian_mech_6 canadian_mech_6