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Small Door Coin Mechanism Restorations

There are various styles and models of Small Door Coin Mechanisms; some deliver change and some do not, while others accept different coin denominations.

Small Door change giving mechanism. These are the mechanisms that were found on the true 5C machines.  Such as V-39, V-81A, V-81B, Cavalier 51 Selectivend S-48 and S-96, SureVend S-47 and S-95 etc.  The person wishing to have a soda could use a nickle and get a soda or use a dime to get a soda and a nickle back.  These are not common due to limited numbers made and more commonly machines being upgraded to 10C.  These units were made by National for the soda machine manufacturers.

Our Coin Mech Restorations are completely dis-assembled, re-zinc plated, checked for tolerances, re-assembled and functionality checks are then performed prior to shipping. 

 Please give us a call if you would like more information.

vendo_sm-door_changer_1 vendo_sm-door_changer_1
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