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Slider Coin Mechanism Restorations

There are various styles and models of Slider Coin Mechanisms.

The Slider Coin Mechanism is used in various soda machines manufactured by Ideal, Glasco and Atlas to name a few.  Other lesser know soda machine manufacturers may have used the same.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or if you have one that needs restoration.

Some of the parts we used:  Decals:  On the top - DP105, on the front - DP105A and DP105B.  The coin entry plate is our HP67C.  The lock on this coin mechanism uses HP20T.  The rivets used to attach the coin return cup are HP107B.

coin_mech_03 coin_mech_03
coin_mech_03_after coin_mech_03_after
coin_mech_03_front coin_mech_03_front