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Vendo V-81
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Leg levelers for round top machines. An updated version of ...

Sales price: $5.00

HP105 Cup Washers

Cup washer for attaching entry bezels of machines with a ...

Sales price: $0.75

HP107F Bottle Gate Rivet

Bottle and can gate rivet for all Vendo & VMC stacks.

Sales price: $0.50

HP107G Bottle Shelf Rivet

This is the rivet that holds the pulley on shelves with ...

Sales price: $0.50

HP110E Screw Kit for V-81 & VMC-81

Stainless steel screw kit for V-81 and VMC-81.

Sales price: $35.00

HP111A VendoVMC Stack Bolt

Stack bolt for all Vendo and Vendorlator (VMC) bottle ...

Sales price: $3.15

HP111B Lock Rod V/VMC Stacks

Lock Rod aka Adjuster Rod for Vendo and VMC stacks.

Sales price: $3.35

HP111D Stack Support Pin

Vendo and VMC glass door stack rack support pin.

Sales price: $9.00

HP114 Bottle Gate Arm Clip

This clip attaches the arm to the back of the bottle stack. ...

Sales price: $0.55


1/4" washer / spacer for V-39, V-80, V-81 and VMC-81.

Sales price: $2.00

HP16A Crank Handle

Crank handle for machines so many machines.

Sales price: $99.00

HP16B Crank Handle Clip

Clip that attaches most Vendo and VMC crank handles to the ...

Sales price: $2.75

HP17 Bottle Door Handle

Replacement bottle door handle

Sales price: $12.00

HP20A Lock & Keys

Lock and keys for coin door of many machines. Has round cam.

Sales price: $15.00

HP25C Vendo Bottle Opener

Bottle opener three hole for Vendo and some Vendorlator ...

Sales price: $7.75

HP26 Coin Box Bracket

Coin box bracket for V-39 small door V-81 and V-110. Holds ...

Sales price: $16.00

HP28A Small Door Coin Box

Coin box for small coin door machines such as Vendo V-39 ...

Sales price: $29.50

HP30A Cap Catcher - large door

Cap catcher for large coin door machines.

Sales price: $35.00

HP30B Cap Catcher for small door

For small coin door machines such as Vendo V-39, some V-81, ...

Sales price: $27.50

HP34E Kickplate

Kickpanel for V-80 V-81 and VMC-81.

Sales price: $37.00

HP36A Locking Bar

This lock bar is for both small and large coin door ...

Sales price: $27.50

HP36I Lock Bar Catch

Lock bar catch that mounts on the cabinet of large coin ...

Sales price: $6.75

HP36J Lock Bar Catch

Lock bar catch that mounts on the cabinet of small coin ...

Sales price: $8.00

HP38C Crank Handle Backing Plate

For large coin door machines with Canadian style coin ...

Sales price: $18.00