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HP28M Coin Box V/VMC Square Top

Coin box for Vendo and VMC square top machines. Just about all Vendo and Vendorlator machines from the mid 1960 up. Also fits round top V-80 V-144 and V-216.

For models such as: VF-56 VMC-56 V-63 VMC-63 VMC-77 V-90 VMC-90 V-110 VMC-110 V-125 VMC-125.  Also fits round top V-80 V-144 and V-216.

Made of stainless steel. We left out the lock hole and the holes that show how many coins were in the container since these machines are not in commercial use. In all the machines we have seen the lock hole has never been knocked out. If your machine has the mounting bracket shown below this is what you need. Measures approx. 3in D x 2.25in W x 5.25in H.