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Prevents chaffing & pulling of wires.

The picture shows a new one next to an original.

This is the plastic clip that holds the wires groing through the bottom of the door and through the front of the main door by the coin mechanism.  It locks the wires in place to prevent chaffing and pulling of wires.  This one is for single and dual cables that look like a lamp cord.  Fits holes 9/16 to 5/8".

For V-81, VMC-81, V-110, VMC-110, CS-72, CS-96, V-80, V-144, VMC-144 and square tops - VF-56, VF-63, V-63, VF-77, V-77, VF-90, V-90 and probably some I've forgotten about.

This will also work on V-44, VMC-44, V-39, WC-42T, WC-96T, VMC-27, VMC-72, WC-44SK, WC-96SK for the heater elements.  Please note we do not like to see the "heaters" put back on.