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Vendo V-80
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DP2W Bottle Opener/Coin Return

BOTTLE OPENER and COIN RETURN in larger type than our D1. ...

Sales price: $8.75

DP5W Bottle Opener/Coin Return

BOTTLE OPENER and COIN RETURN decals for large coin door ...

Sales price: $4.50

DP39 Insulated By

Insulated by Owens Corning decal for most machines.

Sales price: $4.75

DP51 Caution Oil Vend

CAUTION - OIL VEND MOTOR decal for Vendo V-80.

Sales price: $2.75

DP78 Instruction Decal

Instruction decal for bottle loading of Vendo V-80 V-144 ...

Sales price: $5.50

DP94 Patent Notice

Patent notice decal for V-39 V-80 V-81 Vendo Coin Changers ...

Sales price: $4.00

DP100I Large Door Price Sticker

Price foil cals. 10c for large door machines that give ...

Sales price: $5.50

DP100J Large Door Price Sticker

Price foil cals. 10c for large door models. For units ...

Sales price: $5.50

DP101 Insert Coin

Foil cal INSERT COIN for large door Vendo units.

Sales price: $5.50

EP2 Condenser Fan Motor

Condenser fan motor for Vendo and VMC Vendolators.

Sales price: $40.00

EP2A Evaporator Fan Motor

Fan motor for evaporator for Vendo, VMC / Vendolator and FL ...

Sales price: $40.00

EP7 Fan Blade

Fan blade 7.75in 3 blade that fits most of our motors.

Sales price: $13.00

EP8 Fan Blade 8

For some evaporator fan motors such as Vendo V-44 and ...

Sales price: $10.00

EP9 Condenser Fan Bracket

Condenser fan motor bracket for most models mounts onto ...

Sales price: $20.00

EP14 Bulb

Bulb for sold out lens in Cavalier C-27 C-33 CS-64 CS-72 ...

Sales price: $1.75

EP21 Coin Mechanism

Complete coin mechanism. This is a rebuilt Coinco ...

Sales price: $149.50

EP24 Start Capacitor

Start capacitor. This is a universal replacement for the ...

Sales price: $34.25

PP4 Door Liner

For Vendo V-80 machines. See #D78 for bottle leading ...

Sales price: $85.00

PP19C Use Correct Change Lens

For V-80 V-83E V-144 V-216 and any electric V-56 V-81 or ...

Sales price: $28.00

PP35 Chrome Trim

Chrome trim for white top machines. For Vendo V-39, V-44, ...

Sales price: $3.00

PP37 Drip Pan

Drip Pan for most large door machines such as Vendo V-56 ...

Sales price: $50.00

PP51 Breaker Strips

For Vendo V-80 machines.

Sales price: $35.25

RP1 Main Door Gasket

For most Vendo & Vendolator (VMC) ROUND TOP machines. Some ...

Sales price: $1.40

RP37 Foam Seal

Inner Cabinet Foam Seal for V-39, V-80, V-81 etc. Also ...

Sales price: $1.35
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