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HP20A Lock & Keys

Lock and keys for coin door of many machines. Has round cam.

If you need a lock with a round cam this is most likely the one you need for one piece staight lockbars. If you have any question as to what style lock bar you have - please contact us.

Fits Vendo V-39 V-44 V-56 V-63 V-77 V-80 V-81 V-110, V-144 V-90 . Vendorlator VMC VF-56 VF-63 VF-77 VF-81 VF-88 VF-90 VF-110. For Cavalier CS-72, CS-96, CSS-72, CSS-96, C-51 with straight style lock bar.  Also fits Westinghouse WC-42T and WC-96T, Selectivend S-48 and S-96.  Sure-Vend and Selectivend with steel doors use this lock.  La Crosse coin doors that are hinged also use this lock.

If you need to remove a lock like this by drilling it out - here are the instructions.  Start with a 1/8" drill bit.  Drill into the very center of the lock about 1/2".  Go up one size in drill bit and drill in again 3/8".  Continue going up gradually in size until the pins fall out or you can pull the pins out of the lock.  Stick a wood or sheet metal screw into the first hole you drilled and twist.  It should unlock the door.  Once the lock is opened, take the lock off the door.  The reason we gradually go up in size in drill bits is there are case hardened brass pins and if you try to start with a larger size you will grab the bit and break it.  If that happens you are in a real mess!