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Plastic parts available at the Soda Jerk Works are made from the highest quality materials and meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications. Each part is tested to ensure proper fit, feel and look to ensure a quality restoration!
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Plastic Parts

PP66G VF-56 Breaker Strips

For Vendo V-56 and VMC-56 square top can machines.

Sales price: $29.00

PP66H VF-77 Breaker Strips

Vendo V-77 VF-77 and VMC-77 can machines.

Sales price: $29.00

PP67 Bottle Door Plexiglass

For Vendo V-81 and VMC-81.

Sales price: $22.00

PP68 Bottle Door Plexiglass

Vendo V-56 with glass door

Sales price: $16.50

PP69A Bottle Door Plexi - V-63

Bottle Door Plexiglass for Vendo V-63

Sales price: $18.50

PP6A Jacobs Door Liner

Jacobs J-56 door liner.

Sales price: $124.00

PP70A CS-72 Bottle Door Plexiglass

Bottle door plexiglass for Cavalier CS-72.

Sales price: $28.75

PP70B Bottle Door Plexiglass

Cavalier CS-96 bottle door plexiglass.

Sales price: $36.00

PP70C Bottle Door Plexiglass

Bottle door plexiglass for Cavalier CS-64.

Sales price: $31.00

PP70D Bottle Door Plexiglass

Bottle door plexiglass for Cavalier CS-64, CSS-64 others

Sales price: $31.00

PP71 J-56 Breaker Strips

F.L. Jacobs 56

Sales price: $38.25

PP71B J-26 Breaker Strips

F.L. Jacobs 26

Sales price: $38.25

PP74 Bottle Guide Pulley

Pulley wheel located on the bottom of shelves that require ...

Sales price: $6.25

PP75 V-39 Bottle Door

Vendo V-39. This reproduction is so faithful! At this time ...

Sales price: $185.00

PP76B Coin Changer Knob - Black

Black knob for Vendo Coin Changer.

Sales price: $35.00

PP76R Coin Changer Knob - Red

Red Vendo coin changer knob. Found here by popular request.

Sales price: $35.00

PP7A Coin Door Liner WC-44SK

For Westinghouse WC-44SK and Westinghouse WC-96SK.

Sales price: $49.00


Westinghouse R-1 Coolerette door liner.

Sales price: $45.00

PP8 Glasco Side Door Liner

Glasco GBV-50 Sliders. Black as original.

Sales price: $38.00

PP9 Bow-Out Lid Liner

For CD-10 and WD-12. (39.5" x 11-25")

Sales price: $80.00


SNAP IN NUT for Square top Vendo and VMC machines of the ...

Sales price: $2.50

PP95A Shim Kit

For Vendo and Vendorlator machines like the. V-44 VMC-44 ...

Sales price: $3.00

PP95B Shim Kit Roller Wrap

For Vendo and Vendorlator V-80 V-144 to accomodate new ...

Sales price: $3.00

PP99 COKE lens

NOS COKE lens from 1970 Vendo machines. Not sure of all the ...

Sales price: $25.00