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Plastic parts available at the Soda Jerk Works are made from the highest quality materials and meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications. Each part is tested to ensure proper fit, feel and look to ensure a quality restoration!
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Plastic Parts

PP9A Lid Liner - WD-12

For WD-12 early units (39.5" x 11.25")

Sales price: $65.00

PP9B WD-12 Lid Liner

For WD-12 & CD-12 and WE-6 without the chrome top. (39.5"x ...

Sales price: $65.00

PP9C WD-10 Lid Liner

For Westinghouse WD-10 or Cavalier CD-10 machines. If ...

Sales price: $50.00

RP75 Breaker Strip - La Crosse

Breaker strip for La Crosse 56 and 81's.

Sales price: $1.95

PP66I VF & VMC-90 Breaker Strips

Breaker strips are the trim pieces that hide the insulation ...

Sales price: $35.00

PP66J VF & VMC-90 Breaker Strips

Black trim pieces that hide the insulation when you open ...

Sales price: $35.00

PP76 Westinghouse Selector Knob

Selection knob for Westinghouse Multi Drink machines.

Sales price: $53.50

PP79 Breaker Strips - VMC-139/149

Breaker strips for VMC-139 and VMC-149 machines.

Sales price: $38.25


Westinghouse WD-5 Lid Liner

Sales price: $68.00

PP9E WH-12T Lid Liner

Lid liner for Westinghouse WH-12T (39.5" x 11.25")

Sales price: $80.00
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