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Plastic parts available at the Soda Jerk Works are made from the highest quality materials and meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications. Each part is tested to ensure proper fit, feel and look to ensure a quality restoration!
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Plastic Parts

PP1 Door Liner

For Vendo V-44 and VMC-44 machines. Do you need the bottle ...

Sales price: $110.00

PP2 56 Round Top Door Liner

For Vendo V-56. See #DP77 for the bottle loading ...

Sales price: $98.00

PP3A Door Liner

For large door Vendo V-81 and all VMC-81s.

Sales price: $98.00

PP3B Door Liner

For small door Vendo V-81's. Bottle loading instruction ...

Sales price: $98.00

PP4 Door Liner

For Vendo V-80 machines. See #D78 for bottle leading ...

Sales price: $85.00

PP5 Westinghouse Door Liner

Door Liner for Westinghouse WC-42T.

Sales price: $90.00

PP6A Jacobs Door Liner

Jacobs J-56 door liner.

Sales price: $124.00

PP8 Glasco Side Door Liner

Glasco GBV-50 Sliders. Black as original.

Sales price: $38.00

PP9 Bow-Out Lid Liner

For CD-10 and WD-12. (39.5" x 11-25")

Sales price: $80.00

PP10 Bow-Out Lid Liner

For WD-20 WD-22 CD-20 CGD-C CD-22. (32.5" x 11.25")

Sales price: $60.00

PP11 Bottle Door Liner

For Vendo V-39.

Sales price: $15.00

PP13 Medallion

For Vendo V-81. Don't forget the foam seal to hold it in. ...

Sales price: $31.00

PP14R Red Empty Lens

For Jacobs 26 35 50 56 and Cavalier C-27.

Sales price: $35.00

PP14B Blue Nickels Lens

Blue Nickels Only lens for Jacobs 50 and 56.

Sales price: $35.00

PP16 Sold Out Lens

For V-44 and VMC-88.

Sales price: $4.00

PP17 Empty Lens

For split door VMC-27's and VMC-33's.

Sales price: $5.00

PP18 Empty Lens for VMC

Lens (clear) for empty window on single door machines.

Sales price: $3.85

PP19A Use Correct Change Lens

For large door machines such as V-56 V-81 VMC-81 and ...

Sales price: $23.00

PP19B Use Correct Change Lens

For large door machines such as V-56 some V-81 VMC-81 and ...

Sales price: $23.00

PP19C Use Correct Change Lens

For V-80 V-83E V-144 V-216 and any electric V-56 V-81 or ...

Sales price: $28.00

PP20 Empty Lens

For Vendo V-39.

Sales price: $21.95

PP21 Empty Lens

For Cavalier C-51 and C-102.

Sales price: $13.50

PP22 Empty Lens

For Vendo V-23.

Sales price: $9.25

PP23 Empty Lens

For Westinghouse WC-42T, WC-44 and WC-96.

Sales price: $1.25
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