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Hard Parts

HP13 Cavalier Bottle Door Frame

Cavalier 72 Bottle door frame. This frame will fit ...

Sales price: $18.00

HP13A Cavalier Hinge Filler

Cavalier CS-72 Hinge Filler

Sales price: $20.00

HP13B Cavalier Hinge Filler

Cavalier CS-96 Hinge Filler

Sales price: $22.50

HP14A Early Electric Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Early Electric machines. Very ...

Sales price: $38.50

HP14B Closed Front Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Closed Front machines. An exact ...

Sales price: $47.50

HP14C Westinghouse Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Junior Standard and Master coolers. ...

Sales price: $58.00

HP14D Westinghouse Handle

This Westinghouse handle is not seen as often as the others.

Sales price: $55.00


For Post-war Westinghouse and Cavalier chest boxes and a ...

Sales price: $64.50


Handle for GE & Deep Freeze machines.

Sales price: $47.50

HP16A Crank Handle

Crank handle for machines so many machines.

Sales price: $99.00

HP16B Crank Handle Clip

Clip that attaches most Vendo and VMC crank handles to the ...

Sales price: $2.75

HP16D VMC Crank Handle

Crank handle for VMC-27 VMC-33 VMC-72 and others. This is ...

Sales price: $99.00

HP17 Bottle Door Handle

Replacement bottle door handle

Sales price: $12.00

HP17A Vendo 83 Handle

This handle is for V-83 units that had the cast front ...

Sales price: $36.50

HP18B Slider Handle

Lid handle for Ideal 55 70 and 85 sliders. Also fits V-23 ...

Sales price: $12.00

HP18C Glasco Handle

Lid handle for Glasco slider.

Sales price: $13.50

HP1A Slider 35 Lid

Lid for Ideal 35 Slider.

Sales price: $134.50

HP1AS Ideal 35 Lid - Stainless

Ideal 35 Lid with stainless steel top. They have the same ...

Sales price: $149.95

HP1B Slider 55 Lid

Lid for Ideal 55 sliders. Our lids are made of bright ...

Sales price: $195.00

HP1BA Slider 55 Lid

Lid for Ideal 55 sliders. Our lids are made of bright ...

Sales price: $265.00

HP2 Westinghouse Lid

Lid for Westinghouse and Cavalier Junior and Standard. Come ...

Sales price: $95.00

HP20A Lock & Keys

Lock and keys for coin door of many machines. Has round cam.

Sales price: $15.00

HP20B Lock & Keys

Lock and keys for split door VMC- Dual 27, Table top VMC-27 ...

Sales price: $15.00

HP20C Lock & Keys

Lock and keys for VMC-33-3D and VMC-72. For units that ...

Sales price: $15.00