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Hard Parts

HP5F Cavalier Shelf Square Top

Shelf for Cavalier Square Top machine. For CSS-64 and ...

Sales price: $23.00

HP5G Cavalier Can Shelf

Cavalier can shelf for units that have a knob behind the ...

Sales price: $29.50

HP5GB Cavalier Shelf Adjuster

This works with our HP5G shelf to adjust for the length of ...

Sales price: $12.00

HP5H Wire Shelves

For most Vendo and VMC 6-Case Verticals.

Sales price: $29.00


Shelf for Heintz "Gullwing".

Sales price: $52.50

HP62A ID Tag - Vendo

For most Vendo's including V-39 V-44 V-56 V-80 V-144 V-216 ...

Sales price: $16.50

HP62AB ID Tag - Vendo

For various units: V-39, V-81A and B, small door V-110, ...

Sales price: $16.50

HP62AC ID Tag - Vendo

Not seen often but is correct for units from the late 1950 ...

Sales price: $16.50

HP62B ID Tag - VMC

For Vendolator (VMC) table top 27's Dual 27's. These tags ...

Sales price: $16.50

HP62C ID Tag - VMC

For Vendorlator (VMC) 33's, 72's, 88's and others. These ...

Sales price: $16.50

HP62D ID Tag - VMC

For Vendolator VMC-44,VMC-81, VMC-88, VMC-110, VMC-144M, ...

Sales price: $16.50

HP62E ID Tag - Sliders

For Ideal 55 sliders.

Sales price: $16.50

HP62F ID Tag - Westinghouse

For Westinghouse units. Model and serial number are blank ...

Sales price: $10.00

HP62G ID Tag - Victor

For Victor units. This tag was used on all Victor chests. ...

Sales price: $16.50

HP62H ID Tag - True

For True units.

Sales price: $16.50

HP62I ID Tag - VMC Square Top

For VMC 1960 and up square top units that need a black id ...

Sales price: $14.50

HP62J ID Tag - Vendo Square Top

For VENDO 1960 and up square top units that need a WHITE id ...

Sales price: $14.50

HP63A Ideal Name Tag

Ideal name tag for the front of most Ideal sliders, like ...

Sales price: $12.00

HP65A Compressor Tag

Correct for most Vendo Vendolator (VMC) and Ideal machines. ...

Sales price: $8.25

HP66 Bent Coin Return Plate

For Ideal sliders, such as Ideal 35, 55, 70, 85, 300.

Sales price: $7.00

HP67A Coin Entry Plate

For Ideal sliders. 10C only just as original. For Ideal 35 ...

Sales price: $10.00

HP67B Coin Entry Plate

For Ideal sliders: Ideal 35, 55, 70, 150 and more. 10C ...

Sales price: $11.00

HP67C Coin Entry Plate

For Ideal coin mechanisms that have the Frankenstein mechs.

Sales price: $11.00

HP67D Ideal Coin Entry- 2 Slots

Has slot for dime or 2 nickles. For Sliders Ideal 35 55 70 ...

Sales price: $11.00