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Hard Parts

HP38C Crank Handle Backing Plate

For large coin door machines with Canadian style coin ...

Sales price: $18.00

HP38D Crank Handle Backing Plate

For large coin door machines such as Vendo V-56, V-110 and ...

Sales price: $40.00

HP38E Backing Plate VMC-27 & 33

For single door VMC-27 and VMC-33-3D VMC Dual 27 and VMC-72 ...

Sales price: $20.00

HP4 Victor Grilles

Compressor grilles for Victor C-18, C-31 and C-45.

Sales price: $40.00

HP40 Main Door Latch Sleeve

For Vendo and Vendorlator such as V-39 V-56 V-81 and VMC-81 ...

Sales price: $26.50

HP42 Change Flag

For large coin door machines such as Vendo V-56 some V-81 ...

Sales price: $33.00

HP43D Cavalier 33 Flag

Cavalier 33 sold out flag.

Sales price: $29.00

HP47A Bottle Door Spring

For lots of Cavalier machines. CS-72 and CS-96 and CS-64.

Sales price: $5.75

HP47B Bottle Door Spring

Vendo bottle door spring. Works on all the Vendo machines ...

Sales price: $5.75

HP4A Compressor Cover

Compressor grilles (covers) for Westinghouse and Cavalier ...

Sales price: $125.00

HP4B Service Line Cover

Service line cover for Westinghouse and Cavalier Juniors.

Sales price: $25.00

HP4E Cavalier Junior Accumulator Guard

For Cavalier Juniors with a Vendo Top - this protects the ...

Sales price: $27.95

HP5 Shelf Brace

Shelf brace for Vendo and VMC machines.

Sales price: $5.95

HP51A Actuator Linkage

For Vendo V-56. Also fits square top V-81 and V-56.

Sales price: $49.00

HP54 T-Bar

T-Bar on linkage that fits into vend cam on Vendo V-56 V-81 ...

Sales price: $8.25

HP55 Actuator Pin

Fits on the end of coin mechanism shaft on Vendo V-39.

Sales price: $2.25

HP57A Door Liner Plug

For V-81, VMC-81 and V-110. This is an obsolete part. If ...

Sales price: $9.00

HP57B Actuator Cover Plate

For all Vendo V-81, and V-110, Vendorlator VMC-81 and ...

Sales price: $9.00

HP5A Shelves

For Vendo V-81 and VMC 81's. We manufacture ours without ...

Sales price: $22.00

HP5B Cavalier Shelf

Cavalier CS-72 and CS-96 CS-64 and CSS-64. Look and fit ...

Sales price: $26.00

HP5C Vendo V-56 Shelf

For Vendo V-56. No center channel fit and work great. This ...

Sales price: $33.00

HP5D Vendo 110 Shelf

For Vendo V-110. No center channel fit and work great. For ...

Sales price: $28.00

HP5E Cavalier Shelf Square Top

Cavalier Square Top Shelf for CSS-64 and CSS-96 machines.

Sales price: $24.00

HP5EB Cavalier Shelf Adjustment

Cavalier Square Top shelf adjustment for CSS-64 and CSS-96 ...

Sales price: $12.00