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HP111B Lock Rod V/VMC Stacks

Lock Rod aka Adjuster Rod for Vendo and VMC stacks.
HP111B  Lock Rod V/VMC Stacks
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The Lock Rod adjusts the stack for the size of bottle or cans you will be using.  This works on all Vendo or VMC stacks except late models.  Models such as V-56, VF-56, VM-56, V-63, VF-63, V-77, VF-77, VMC-77, V-117, VMC-117, VF-117, V-126, VF-126, VMC-126, V-81, VMC-81, VF-81, V-110, VF-110, VMC-110.

Overall length is 12-1/8".   Stainless steel and MADE IN AMERICA!