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HP107F Bottle Gate Rivet

Bottle and can gate rivet for all Vendo & VMC stacks.

This rivet works on ALL Vendo and Vendorlator VMC bottle and can stacks.  It is the rivet needed for the bottle gate to arm.

Machines include:  V-56, V-81, 6-Case Vertical, V-110, VMC-56, VMC-81, VMC-110, V-63, VF-63, VF-56, VF-77, VF-90, VF-126, VMC-90, VF-154

This is a zinc plated semi-tubular steel rivet just like the originals!  Order as many pieces as you need.  Sold individually.


Tip:  To install you will need a small ball pen hammer and a center punch.  (Both can be found at any hardware store.)  Take the whole assembly (bottle gate arm and rivet assembled) place on a solid piece of metal ie...a vice head down.  At this point put the point of the center punch in the hole of the rivet.  Hit the punch with the hammer. This will flare the hole out.  At this point take the round head of the hammer and tap it around in a circle around the flared end to flatten it out.