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Hard Parts

HP110G Screw Kit for Cavalier 96

Screw Kit for Cavalier CS-96 round top machines. May work ...

Sales price: $36.50

HP111C Stack Spacer Rod V/VMC

Vendo / VMC bottle stack spacer rod.

Sales price: $10.50

HP113A "C" Clip

"C" clip for V-39 Bottle Doors hinge

Sales price: $0.10

HP12EA Ideal Side Door Hinge

Ideal 35 side door hinge. May also be found on Ideal 55 ...

Sales price: $20.00

HP13C Cavalier Bottle Door Frame

Cavalier 96 Bottle door frame.

Sales price: $23.00

HP13D Cavalier Bottle Door Frame

Cavalier 64 Bottle door frame.

Sales price: $21.50

HP20FA Lock & keys Ideal Coin Mech

Lock and keys for Ideal coin mech.

Sales price: $25.00

HP20O SV Lock & Keys

Lock & Keys for Sure-Vend and Selectivend machines.

Sales price: $16.00

HP20SA Lock & Keys - Cavalier FD-2

Lock and Keys for Cavalier FD-2 also known as the Cavalier ...

Sales price: $18.00

HP21B Lock Bezel Ring

Ideal Lock Bezel ring for coin mechanism. Quite often ...

Sales price: $33.50

HP30K Kelvinator Cap Catcher

Kelvinator 180 cap catcher.

Sales price: $85.00

HP35B Cav Bent Coin Release Bar

Bent coin release bar for Cavalier CS-72, CS-96, C-55 and ...

Sales price: $30.00

HP4D Compressor Cover

Compressor grilles (covers) for Westinghouse and Cavalier ...

Sales price: $125.00

HP67E Glasco Coin Entry Plate

10C Coin Entry Plate for Glasco GBV-50.

Sales price: $11.00

HP67F Glasco Coin Entry Plate

15C Coin Entry Plate for Glasco GBV-50 coin mechs.

Sales price: $11.00

HP67G Glasco Coin Entry Plate

20C Coin Entry Plate for Glasco GBV-50 coin mechs.

Sales price: $11.00


Faceplate for Cavalier CS-124.

Sales price: $35.00


This clip is mounted to the top of the large door coin ...

Sales price: $3.25
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